Sunday, 10 February 2013

Too Many Mascaras


That's a title I never thought I'd type but after clearing out my room I then turned to tidy up my make-up collection and discovered just how many mascara's I have lying around. After trying to choose which I could live without (which wasn't any!) I thought I'd give a brief review of my favourite from different price range.

Skylash MascaraSkylash Mascara

Skylash Mascara

 Collection 2000 Waterproof Skylash Mascara (can't remember price but below £5)- The cheapest of the mascara's being reviewed is this waterproof number by Collection 2000. I got this one when I was going on holiday so went for a cheap one in case I lost it or anything. After using it once I was making sure it didn't leave my sight as I loved it! It's pretty good for not clumping and did give a little lift to my lashes. I also really enjoyed the wand. It's plastic with one side of short straight spikes and the other side with curved spikes. I really liked this as I used the short spikes for my bottom lashes and the curved for the top.

False Lash TelescopticFalse Lash Telescoptic

False Lash Telescoptic

 L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara (£10.99)- A very popular mascara and one of my ultimate favourites. This is the one which I use on a daily basis. It has a plastic wand which has 3 rows of spikes on each side. It builds up very well, doesn't clump at all and is one of the darkest mascara's I've ever used. I just love it!


Elizabeth Arden Mascara
Elizabeth Arden Mascara

Elizabeth Arden Mascara

  Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara (around £21)- The most expensive mascara I've ever had but luckily for me I got it on offer so I think I paid around £15/£17. The wand is a brush and is a really simple spiral design. I think the wand lets it down as it stops the actual mascara going on as well as it could. I didn't notice my lash's looking particularly extended but maybe I've just not used it enough...I won't give up on it just yet as surely at that price it would work!


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