Sunday, 19 November 2017

November Birchbox

For this months Birchbox I was extra excited as I knew it was in colaboration with Vogue. Vogue is probably one of the most iconic companies in the beauty and fashion industry so I knew it would be a good box. Here's what I got;

Benefit Hoola - RRP £24.50 for the full size
An iconic bronzer for this iconic box. Everybody loves this bronzer and so do I so I'm very pleased to welcome this little beauty into my travel make-up essentials.

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil - RRP £14 for the full size
This oil is meant to be volumising as well as smoothing and protecting. I love oil for my hair but do suffer from flat hair so the thought that this may not flatten it but still give me the nourishment which my hair needs makes me very excited to try it.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream - RRP £21 for the full size
Winter really dries my hands out so I have to keep on top of it from the start. I'm very pleased to get such a big sample of this from Clarins and look forward to trying it out in these coming colder months.

Seche Vite Top Coat - RRP £9
The first full sized item and it's a dry fast top coat. I love anything that makes painting my nails easier and quicker so hopefully this will really help speed things up. I'm sure I've seen this brand about and believe it has a really good reputation so lets hope it lives up to it.

Birchbox Brush Cleaner - RRP £5
From Birchbox itself! A rubber brush cleaner. I really like the shape of this and think it'd work well for both right and left handed people. Personally, I find using my hand to be more effective but then I've not tried this one by Birchbox so maybe it'll sway me and I'll no longer be able to clean my brushes without one...we'll see!

Along with those 5 beauty items we also got a voucher for 6 free issues of Vogue when you subscribe to a one year or two year subscription. Bonus!!

I choose the pink box this month but if you went for the white and black then let me know below if you got anything different to myself.

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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