Thursday, 14 March 2013

Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day

So, today's blog is going to be something a bit different but it is for a good cause so I hope you guys don't mind! Tomorrow is the official Red Nose Day so I thought I would try raise a bit of awareness (even though I imagine everyone in the UK has heard of this day and has probably been involved in some sort of fundraiser for it at some point in their life's).

Red Nose Day raises money for people in Africa as well as here within the UK. The money which is sent to Africa is used to help treat and prevent malaria, help those who are affected by HIV and Aids (whether it's someone who has it or a child that has lost both parents to the disease) and helps educate them so they can help themselves have a better life.

The UK money is also used just as effectively. It helps young carers, older people, people who have suffered domestic/sexual abuse and many others. 

It is such a worthy cause and if there's one thing you should do today it is make a donation to the cause. Everyone can spare a couple of pounds and those pounds could literally save a life. It's easy to donate and can be done in many ways such as;
  • Buy the official comic relief song by One Direction called- One Way Or Another
  • Buy some of their merchandise such as a red nose (as seen in pictures I got mine!)
  • Make a donation through their website-
  • Or by just support a fundraising event which is happening near you.

Ever little helps so PLEASE PLEASE give whatever you can and know that someone's life has changed for the better thanks to you :)

Don't forget to watch the main programme tomorrow night on BBC1 at 7pm. This gives a much better insight into ways the money helps and also shows amusing ways in which celebrities have gone out of their way to raise money. 

Thanks for reading and if you donated then thank you VERY much!!

Iona x

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Comic Relief Nose
My mother's school was selling the noses. A couple of p1's/p2's came round to sell them. She asked them to choose one for her daughter who's a bit grumpy (not true!) and they chose this one as it had the biggest smile!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Make Up Haul

Haul Beauty

So, over the past month or so I've had to make a few trips to Boots/Superdrug for some basic toiletries, such as cotton pads/shampoo etc, but have somehow managed to collect a rather large amount of new make-up! Woops! It's really not a massive amount but for someone who is meant to be saving money for a trip of a lifetime, it's definitely more than I should've bought. I didn't get it all at once though and managed to get a good few bits in the sale- so really it's fine...?!

Make Up

Elf Beauty BookEssie
Sleek Blush
The prettiest packaging I've ever seen! Glittery on one end fading out half way down- beautiful!
Avon IdealMac Studio SculptCorrect and Perfect

Products featured;
Elf Beauty Books Smokey Editions- in sale for about £3 each
Essie Nail Varnish- "Buy Me A Cameo" - £7.99
Sleek Contour Kit- "Light" - £6.49
Sleek Blush- "Flamingo" - £4.49
Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara- £22 (I got in sale + discount)
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation- "NC15" - £24 (I got in sale + discount)
Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation- "Creamy Natural" - £12
Avon Super Shock Mascara- "Black" - £10.50
MeMeMe Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit- "Nude" - £6.99 (I then used a discount)
MeMeMe Beat The Blues Illuminator & Highlighter- "Oyster Gold" - £5.50 (I then used a discount)

 So that is it all. I will be trying not to buy any other make-up for a very long time as my purse just can't take it. If there's any items you specifically want reviews on then please leave a comment either here or on twitter. Like I said, I did get the Lancome mascara, MAC foundation and the two MeMeMe products in sale/with discounts so didn't pay the price stated.

Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did then please feel free to subscribe!

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hand Cream

So Winter finally seems to be giving up the fight to Spring and so I though I'd do a quick review of some of the hand creams which I was relying on this Winter. My hands seemed to really suffer this Winter as not only was it extremely cold but the work I was doing didn't seem to help so I found I really had to constantly keep moisturising them and discovered some hand creams worked better than others. Here's what I thought...

Garnier Cream

Garnier Intensive 7 Day Hand Cream- £2.99 for 100ml
 This is such a nice hand cream. Really thick in texture but the skin drinks it all in and absorbs it really quickly. Doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all and smells amazing. I went for the Mango one but there is also an Aloe Vera, a Shea butter and a Honey one to choose from. Leaves the hands feeling amazing and seems to last throughout the day even though it sinks in so quick! For such a good price I will definitely be trying out the other versions.

Vaseline Cream

Vaseline Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails Hand Cream- £3.41 for 75ml
This is one of my all time favourites. After using it just once I could already feel my hands getting softer and this lasted for a fairly long time also. It smells really nice but I have no idea what of! It claims to help strengthen nails, which was one of the reasons I got it, and I did see an improvement in my nails after using it for a couple of days. Also, it has pink packaging so I was sold instantly.

No7 Cream

No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream- £10.50 for 75ml
So this one is by far the most expensive out of the three but that certainly doesn't make it the best. In fact, this is my least favourite hand cream I've ever used. Usually I will always sing the praises of No7 products as I'd never found one I didn't like, until this. I have had it for over a year now as I dislike it so much I never really want to use it but feel I can't just throw it out considering the price. Luckily I had bought this using a voucher so didn't waste too much money. The cream itself is fairly thick and has a really sticky feel to it. After using it I always want to go wash my hands to get it off as I can't stand having sticky hands and it never seems to properly sink in. Due to washing some off a lot of the time it kinda defeats the purpose of the cream and my hands are barely any better off for using it. The smell isn't horrible but isn't one that I particularly enjoy. I'm hoping the one I got is just an off one as I love No7 and don't want to lose faith in it but I'm definitely not spending £10.50 just to find out.

Wish List
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream- I've heard so much about it and I can't wait to try it!! A very popular one within the beauty blogging world and I will start saving now as I know it's not cheap.

Not Worth The Hype
Soap & Glory Hand Food- Another brand which I have a lot of time and love for, however, I found the hand food hand cream very disappointing and ending up just using it on my feet before bed to use it up!

Thanks for reading and hope you all enjoyed! Please subscribe if you would like to be informed when I post new blogs as I will be trying to do this on a more weekly basis! 

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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