Sunday, 26 June 2016

Beauty Haul #7

It feels like it's been quite a while since I last posted a haul but over the past couple of months I've managed to pick up quite a few new beauty bits which I thought I'd put together in one post for you.

MAC Brush Cleanser
This is the best brush cleanser I've found for in-between washes, so when my last bottle ran out this was a no brainier

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar
While I was on the MAC website- a dangerous place to be - I saw that this lip pencil was back in stock. Thanks to Kyle Jenner, who said she loved it ages ago, this has constantly been out of stock so when I finally saw it available it immediately went into my basket and I haven't looked back since

MAC Eye Brow Crayon in Stud
I'm always on the hunt for a good brow product so also thought I'd pick this up. I was nervous about picking a shade online as you can never quite tell how well it'll translate into really life but this shade seems to be suiting very well

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco 
I finally found a Boots store with a NYX counter and get very over excited...I do believe I squealed in the shop but luckily there was no other customers near by so I think I got away with it. So far this colour hasn't worked well for me and I found it quite patchy but I'll give it another go and see how it looks on top of a lip pencil

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu
After hearing numerous good things about the butter gloss's I felt it only right to pick one up and boy am I glad I did! This is now my daily go to and I'm obsessed. Looking forward to trying more colours

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 617 Iced Mocha
Jumbo Eye Pencil's are an idiot-proof way of achieving a smokey eye look. For me, they last longer than shadows and are just so easy to use

No7 Beautifully Matte Light
The Beautifully Matte foundation is one of my favourites and one I always go back to so when I saw a light version was available I was beyond excited as I love a lighter finish, especially for Summer and it has SPF so is a win all round!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream
My one and only eye cream. I always need one of these on back-up as I'm yet to find another eye cream which I like as much. My full review can be found here

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet
Another product I've used before and loved so much I just had to get it again for Summer. My full review can be found here

The Body Shop Piñita Colada Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub
One from their new range which I haven't tried or smelt before but my goodness, this smells amazing!! I haven't even used it yet but I'm still happy I got it, just to smell every now and then and make me feel like I'm on holiday

And that is what I've picked up recently! Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

June 2016 Glossybox

Glossybox seems to be something which isn't really spoken about any more. A few years ago I discovered the beauty box subscription service through a lot of youtube doing monthly unboxing, however, these days it seems a little forgotten about and I don't know why as I am still loving it!

I recently received an e-mail with an offer for Glossybox which sent me back over to their site and before I knew it I was sat at the check-out with a full basket. So last week the box arrived through my door and I thought I'd give a quick tour of what was included.

Origins - GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream
 This may just be 5ml worth of product but it'll be a great way to give it a try before purchasing a full size which would set you back £20

De Bruyère - After Sun Lotion Monoï
The best smelling after sun I've ever tried. It doesn't give the typical after sun smell and is amazingly moisturising! It's also a great size to keep in your handbag for those long beach days. This is a full size product which is £9.48

Ladival - Sun Protection Spray SPF 15
This annoying came after my holiday but it would've been perfect. While I was recently on holiday I ended up with heat rash all over my body so I will definitely be looking forward to using this next time as it's great for sensitive skin. This again is a full size product which would've cost £19.99 (which was the cost of the box so technically all the other products were free!!!)

Emité Make Up - Lip & Cheek Tint
I've only tried this on my lips and found it quite a strange consistency. It left quite a good stain though so I'm going to give it a proper try and will let you know how I get on. This is also full sized and would cost £12.50

Spa To You - Konjac Sponge
As you can see I've not opened this yet so have no idea how it'll be but again I'll let you know if I love it. This would be £6.99. 

Aussies Hair Care
This is a wee bonus product which I've used before, loved and will be keeping this for my next holiday as it'd be great to travel with!

As you can see you get so much for your money. I love being able to try new products out and often find that Glossybox introduce me to brands which I'd never discovered without them. I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you're a bit stuck in a rut with products and don't know where to begin with new ones.

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Ground Coffee Scrub

On Friday I received a Glamour Summer Edit beauty box which included 6 beauty products. One of which was a sample of the Ground Coffee Scrub. I've seen this about online quite a bit and was really looking forward to trying it so this morning I tour open the packet and started to scrub away.

The sample I got is Chocolate Orange and it smells good enough to eat. I don't like eating chocolate orange that much but boy do I like the smell of it! It's quite a rough scrub but not painful and as I washed it off I immediately noticed how smooth my skin felt. 

Out of the shower my skin felt even softer and I am so amazed how instantly this smoothed out my skin. Just a week ago I was on holiday and got a bad case of heat rash which left my skin irritated and bumpy and just all round not nice. Although it's since calmed down my skin still felt rough...well not anymore!! 

I will definitely be getting a full sized one as soon as my sample runs out and can't wait to discover what other scents they have!

Anyone else got a favourite scrub?

Thanks for reading
Iona x

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