Sunday, 18 March 2018

Glossybox - March 2018

So a couple of week's ago I decided to cancel my Glossybox subscription once I had received my March box. However, now having received my box and seen what I got I can't bring myself to cancel my subscription as it was just so good!

So, here's what I got...

Mudmasky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mash - RRP £61.00 for the full size
I've never heard of Mudmasky before but this Amsterdam brand uses all natural ingredients and promises to sooth, smooth and nourish your skin. As with all my favourite night skincare products it's scent helps to ensure a better sleep so really it's good for body and mind! Still not sure if that allows the hefty price tag but I'll see how I get on with it.

Oryza Beaty Warm Nude Lipstick - RRP £15.95
This semi-matte/satin finish lipstick is definitely not my shade. However, the swatch was very pigment and felt very smooth. I imagine this would be very comfortable to wear but on someone else as this shade just completely washes me out.

Figs & Rouge Soft Foxus Pore Perfect HD+ - RRP £35.00
Yes this is full size and work more than double of the whole box! I LOVE the packaging of this serum with the hint of gold on the lettering. It is designed to minimise the appearance of pores which is absolutely something I can get on board with so very much looking forward to trying this.

Meg Cosmetics Good Morning AM Mask - RRP £4.50
I've never seen a face mask which is meant for use in the morning specifically but love the idea of it as it'll set you up for a great skin day. It helps to leave your skin looking fresh and bright so I think I'll save this for a 'morning after the night before', potentially after one of three weddings which I've got coming up!

La Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternue Youth Potion - RRP £26.50
Another product which along is worth more than double the box! This is a brand which I've received before in Glossybox and LOVED. It smelt amazing the last time and my skin took well to it so I'm very excited to try another product by them. This is a purifying scrub which you can leave on for a couple of minutes, much like a mask, to have a deeper affect.

I can't get my head over the fact that the box cost £10.00 plus P&P (£3.95) and yet the value of the box is over £81.95 as four of the products were full size. So I thin kI'm going to have to back on my decision to cancel my subscription...dang it Glossybox! You win again!

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