Sunday, 4 June 2017

New Favourite Highlighter

When looking through my recent posts for some inspiration I couldn't believe that I haven't actually shared with you my new favourite highlight so here it is!

'Light Up Your Face' Luminizer Palette from Essence offers 3 different highlighter shades. Admittedly, I've only actually used the one on the far right but I absolutely love it and think it's worth getting the whole palette just for this one shade. It gives the perfect balance of beautiful glow which isn't too dazzling and in your face. This also sits so naturally on top of make-up and last throughout the whole day without topping up at all. 

On the top is Essence and on the bottom is Mary-Lou Manizer

The whole palette is just £3 which just seems ridiculous! I'm yet to actually see Essence on the shelves anywhere but if you do then I would definitely recommend picking this one up. I've ever been using it more than my £17 Mary-Lou Manizer which just shows how great it is!

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